The Ultimate Smell Good Combo

Guys, the surest way to turn your partner (or a prospective one) off is to smell bad. That’s why I’ve put together this combination of products that will take you from smelling like a sweaty pleb to an elite ladies man of Cassanova-esque proportions. Or, at the very least, you’ll be a nice smelling pleb. Which is the best kind, if we’re honest.

If you want to smell good, you have to start with the very basics and get yourself a good soap. That’s why I’ve included the best smelling soap I have – the Sandalwood Bamboo bar soap by Mistral. Follow that up by giving your beard a quick scrub with the Black beard wash by Detroit Grooming. Then, after drying off, dress yourself in some clothes that have been washed in Frey detergent and dried with a couple of their dryer sheets. Lastly, run some of that Black beard balm through your beard and dab some of the Shackleford on your neck and wrists and you will be swimming in a sea of potentials in no time.

Extra credit: Nab one of the pomades by Detroit Grooming. Not only will they help give your hair texture and hold your style but with smells like Bubblegum, Passion fruit, and Lemon & Bergamot, they’ll leave your head smelling better than ever.

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