The Ultimate Winter Skin Cure Kit


  • Rock & Roll Revival bar soap
  • Daily Advanced Face Care Routine II
  • Daily Clarifying Shampoo
  • Revitalizing Conditioner
  • Body Lotion
  • All-natural shaving cream and aftershave
  • Lip Balm
  • Grooming oil

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Heres What I Think...

Harsh winter weather can leave your skin feeling flaky, dry, itchy, and maybe even cracked. Cold weather causes your skin to dry out due to low environmental humidity which can be especially brutal for those of us who already have a dry skin type. That’s why The Nines Gentleman’s Shoppe has put together a combination of products that will help keep your skin soft and prevent that uncomfortable itchiness associated with seasonal dryness. Here’s what’s included in their package:

Rock & Roll Revival by Drifter Grooming is an all natural, high fat bar soap that will leave your skin soft and smelling great for hours.
Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner by Brickell to protect, soften and moisturize your scalp and hair.
Brickell’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine II comes with a face wash, face moisturizer and exfoliating face scrub. The skin on your face is thinner, more fragile and more exposed to the elements than any other body part, so it’s important to give it extra attention in your grooming routine.
Body Lotion by Fulton & Roark smells great and moisturizes your skin without feeling greasy.
Non-foaming Shave Cream and Aftershave by O’Douds Apothecary are all-natural and won’t strip your skin of moisture.
Lip Balm by Detroit Grooming to help soothe and protect chapped lips.
Grooming Oil by Detroit Grooming for touch-ups throughout the day. Use on your knuckles, cuticles, eyebrows, beard, or anywhere that has the propensity to dry out.

These products purchased separately are valued at over 250 USD. We have a special winter promotion in which you can pick up this entire kit for $225 and ride out the rest of the season in comfort and style. Show winter who’s boss.

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