Brickell Smooth Brushless Shave Cream


Brickell’s premium, non-lathering shaving cream for men softens your whiskers, while gently lifting them up, allowing for an ultra close shave. An advanced blend of natural ingredients builds a protective cushion between your face and razor, allowing for an irritation, nick and cut free shave. This natural shave cream for men is not meant to be used with a brush.

5 oz

99% natural, 72% organic

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A little goes a long way with Brickell’s Smooth Brushless Shave Cream for men. It’s super slick and when paired with a preshave oil, it provides a perfect glide for any razor. The result is a shave that is close and comfortable with less irritation.

I also love the fact that, like most Brickell Products, this shave cream is nearly 100% all natural. That means less harsh chemicals being spread around your face…and I think we can agree that’s always a good thing.

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Brickell Men's Products

Brickell is the premier all-natural luxury men's grooming brand.

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Regular 5 oz, Travel Size 2 oz


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