Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash


Keep your face looking clean and refreshed with the best face wash for men with sensitive or dry skin from Brickell. Discover the gentle, deep cleansing power of activated charcoal in this natural men’s face wash.

Ideal for men with dry, sensitive, and normal type skin.

8 oz

99% natural, 60% organic

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Heres What I Think...

All natural and mostly organic. That’s the name of the game for Brickell Men’s Products and here at The Nines, we love it. The fewer skin-drying chemicals we slather on our bodies the better, in our book…especially when it comes to our faces.

I mean, do you want dry, patchy skin on the one part of their body that every single person you come into contact with is guaranteed to see? Of course not. That’s why you should be using Brickell’s Purifying Charcoal Face Wash. It’s gentle on your skin, using the power of activated charcoal to wash away the dirt and excess oils without stripping your face of its natural moisture. If you have a dry or sensitive skin type, I would highly suggest trying this gentle, yet effective wash.

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