Fulton & Roark Triple Milled Bar Soap


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Heres What I Think...

Fulton & Roark is so good at crafting fragrances that I was a little taken aback at how mild the scent of their Triple Milled Bar Soap is. Don’t get me wrong — it’s a very nice aroma. A little minty, a little woodsy; it definitely smells lovely while you’re showering. But it’s so understated when you have toweled off that you really have to TRY to smell its fragrance on your skin. I’ve come to understand the beauty of that, though. Fragrance doesn’t need to come from your soap…that’s what cologne and beard oils are for. Having a soap that leaves just a hint of scent on your skin lessens the likelihood that its odor will interact negatively with those other fragrances you are using on a daily basis. It’s just…smarter.

And you’ll FEEL smarter too, when using this soap. The fact that it’s triple milled means that it will last longer than most soaps. It also incorporates rhassoul¬†and out flour, which lightly exfoliate your skin. So not only will you smell great and have great skin, but your bank account will look a little nicer at month’s end, too. And, who doesn’t want that?

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