Fulton & Roark Sterling


Sterling is an amazing fragrance by Fulton & Roark. It’s one of the manliest colognes I’ve ever used. A little vanilla + tobacco + leather = perfection

  • Lasts hours longer than your average splash or spray on cologne
  • Ingenious and manly metal container makes it easy to carry your cologne with you in a pocket
  • Will last six months if used once a day

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Heres What I Think...

All of the solid colognes by Fulton & Roark are pretty fantastic. They’re easily portable in your pocket, and they smell GREAT. This one, in particular, is amazing. F&R lists the aroma as having notes of tobacco, vanilla, and leather. To me, it just smells like the world’s greatest cigar. I know you may be thinking that you don’t want to smell like a cigar, but trust me, you WANT to smell like THIS cigar. It’s just a great scent. The ladies love this one. My wife hates cigars, but she can’t stop sniffing me when I have this on.

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