Feather Double Edge Safety Razor Blades


Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades have a reputation for being sharp, consistent in quality and very durable. For a truly superior shave, having a high-quality blade and razor is crucial. Feather Hi-Stainless Double Edge Blades can be used in any double edge razor handle and come 10 to a pack.

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Heres What I Think...

If you’ve perused this site at all, you know that I’m no fan of multiple blade razors. They clog, they irritate the skin…there’s myriad reasons, really which I document in various posts in my blog.

Perhaps the most salient point is how much money you can save simply by switching to a straight or safety razor. Multiblade cartridges are selling on Amazon right now for $20.89 per 8 cartridge pack. That’s $2.61 per cartridge. Compare that with our price of $2.99 for ten double-sided blades and it should be immediately apparent just how much money you could be saving.

But all of that is just a bonus, honestly. These blades will give you a smoother, more comfortable shave than razors with 3-5 blade cartridges…and really, that’s what’s important.

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