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Traverse City is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States and hosts the Cherry Festival attracting over 500,000 visitors annually. Detroit Grooming took that as inspiration and turned it into an awesome Cherry Tobacco scented beard butter.

The butter’s fragrance leans a little more heavily on the cherry than the tobacco, so if you’re a fan of sweet scents, this one is for you. You can expect a decent amount of hold and styling ability with Traverse City, without feeling sticky or greasy.

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Heres What I Think...

Traverse City is a great scent from Detroit Grooming. This beard balm (or butter, as they call it) has a fashionably classic scent that you guys are sure to love. It’s cherry tobacco, but the tobacco part is a little subtle. You can definitely smell it, but it’s not the first scent that hits your nose. It’s not overly cherry-scented, either, though. Overall, I’d recommend this product to those of you with longer beards who are looking to tame fly-aways, give your beard a nice sheen, and soften/moisturize both your facial hair as well as the skin beneath.

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