How to look older

How to look older

I have a baby face. How can I look older?

Let’s be honest…having a baby face is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you’ll likely always look younger than your actual age. Later in life, that becomes a blessing. If you’re still in your mid to early twenties, though, it can really be a problematic issue for some guys. Looking like you’re still a teenager can cost you dates, cause you to get carded everywhere you go, and even make your coworkers take you less seriously.

But, not to worry; there are plenty of ways you can make yourself appear older. So, without further adieu, here are three easy ways to make yourself look older.

Grow A Beard

The quickest and easiest way to add some years to your face is to grow a beard. Plus, a recent study of 8,500 women has shown that men with beards are considered more attractive and masculine than our clean-shaven counterparts. Even if your beard comes in patchy, you can still pull off the Keanu look, or just go with a rugged stubble look. The study actually found heavy stubble to be the most attractive to women, with full beards coming in second, light stubble coming in third and clean-shaven the least attractive. So, going a week or so without shaving and then just keeping your face neatly trimmed seems like the best way to go for most men. But, does it actually make you look older to have a beard?

I’ve taken this handsome young man’s photo from a stock photography site. Let’s see what happens when I photoshop a beard onto him. Hover over the picture to see the difference.

How to look older

Change up your style

Look, guys. I know the new fashions are fun and comfortable and all that. I really do. But, if you’re hoping to look older, a change in wardrobe may be in order. Rather than sporting what’s cool and trendy at the moment, perhaps opt for something a bit more classic and timeless. Now, I’m not saying you have to go full-on dad mode, but a few simple stylistic changes can make you appear older and more sophisticated.

Swap the yeezys for wingtips or loafers. If we’re building a more mature image from the ground up, then it makes obviously we need to start at the shoes. Sneakers are fine, and can look great with the right outfit, but there is no denying that they are youth-oriented. Swapping them out for a nice leather loafer can upgrade your look and add a touch of sophistication that comes with age.

Ditch the backpack and get yourself a satchel or messenger bag. Again, backpacks are fine in and of themselves, but they have the stigma of being a bit childish. If you need something to tote around your laptop or what have you, a messenger bag is definitely the classier more refined way to go about it.

Make dapper choices. Sweatshirts and flannels are comfortable and trendy, but they aren’t going to help you look any older. Consider investing in more button ups. Even paired with skinny jeans, they can help you to look more professional, and therefore older by default. Other pieces to consider: a wool coat, a cashmere scarf, and sweaters. Also, ditch the snapback.




Some of you, particularly the 17-year-old who originally asked me this question and others like him, are simply going to have to have patience. You’re young, so feel free to LOOK young. It’s not a bad thing. In a decade or two, when you’re noticing your first grey hair and the beginnings of wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, you’re likely going to look back on this time of your life with amazement at the fact that you even wanted to look older to begin with. Youth doesn’t last forever, so enjoy it while you have it.

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