Beard Myths Debunked!

Beard Myth 1: They are itchy and uncomfortable

Like many myths, this one is based on a nugget of truth. Growing a beard CAN be an itchy affair, to be sure. Lots of things can cause this, but it usually boils down to a guy not practicing proper grooming/hygiene. This beard myth probably comes from guys who don’t ever let their beard get longer than a few days worth of growth.

In the early going, a beard can definitely be itchy. That initial discomfort does go away, as the hair gets longer and you become accustomed to the beard. However, the itchiness caused by unhygienic carelessness does NOT go away on its own. The good news is, that it can easily be eliminated in most cases by simply using a good quality beard wash, beard oil, and maybe a beard balm if your facial hair gets long enough to warrant it.

So, while this myth has some basis in reality, it certainly isn’t an intrinsic truth inherent to all beards. Consider this beard myth…

Beard Myth 2: Growing a beard is less work than shaving

This beard myth is just laughable.

If you take proper care of your beard, it ends up being MORE work than shaving, not less. I think the perception is that all there is to growing a beard is to just…stop shaving. But, as I pointed out in my response to the last beard myth, beards require some fairly intensive care. You have to shampoo them, oil them, style them, trim them…and then, depending on the beard style, you may still end up needing to shave to get the clean lines on your cheeks and/or around your neck.

Beard Myth 3: Shaving will make it grow faster/thicker

This is one of those old wives tales that just won’t go away. Shaving does not make your hair grow faster, nor does it come in thicker. It may appear thicker at first, but that has to do with the fact that a longer hair has a natural taper to it. If you cut it and it grows back in with a flat tip, it will of course appear darker and thicker. But, ultimately, it’s an optical illusion at best.

But…beards are dirty and gross!

Pretty solid evidence that this beard myth is sticking around
Obviously, it’s a fairly pervasive beard myth.

Again, this is yet another beard myth that CAN be true, but isn’t necessarily a trait that’s inherent to all beards. It really just depends on how the beard is taken care of. You may have seen the recent articles stating that a man’s beard has more bacteria than a dog’s fur. I’d argue that they should have made it known how well groomed the men in that study were. Do they wash their beards every day? I’d be willing to bet that a well groomed beard is just as clean as any other part of a human body.

Bonus: Women find bearded men more attractive

Oh, wait. This one is actually statistically true.

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