Beard Butter vs Beard Oil

Beard Butter vs Beard Oil

One of the most common questions my newer customers ask is “What’s the difference between beard butter and beard oil?” So, in today’s post, I’m going to break down the differences and similarities between these two essential men’s grooming products. I’ll explain the benefits of each, the best use for each and which you should use. It’s the ultimate men’s grooming showdown: Beard butter vs Beard oil!

Beard oil

Beard oil is fantastic for helping to moisturize the skin beneath the beard as well as adding some moisture to the beard itself. Usually made with a base of almond oil or coconut oil, many of the higher quality beard oils also incorporate Vitamin E, jojoba oil and other ingredients to help heal and replenish your skin’s moisture. If you suffer from beardruff (dry flakey skin, usually on the chin), or if your beard is itchy, beard oil is often the best option for clearing up those issues.

Beard butter

Butters and balms are solid products that, unsurprisingly, have a consistency similar to a soft wax or firm butter. They are usually made from shea butter and similar products that are super efficient at moisturizing your beard hair, as well as adding volume. An added benefit to beard butter, especially those that contain a natural wax ingredient is that they offer some control when styling your beard in much the same way a light pomade might for your hair. If your beard is a bit longer (ie, more than a month’s growth), a good butter can help to tame flyaway strands of hair giving your beard a full, healthy, styled look.

Which is better?

This isn’t really the entire question you should ask yourself. Rather, you should ask “Which is better suited to the purpose for which I intend to use them?” They are equally good for their intended uses. Beard oil is amazing for healing and hydrating the skin beneath your beard, whereas¬†beard butter is perfect for moisturizing and styling the beard itself. So, depending on what you’re looking to accomplish, either option could be viable for you.

As a general rule, I tell my customers this: from the time you’re just starting to grow your beard out up to a month’s worth of growth, beard oil will do the entire job for you. Once your beard is thicker and longer and requires more grooming to keep it styled and under control, it is time to switch to a beard butter.

However, if you have that dry, flaky skin under a longer beard, I’d suggest using both oil and butter. Use a dropper to get the oil through the hair and right onto your skin. Rub that in and spread it around, then apply your butter to the outer layer of your beard and use a brush or comb to distribute it throughout while styling as you normally would.

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