Why I Created The Nines Gentleman’s Shoppe

For my entire adult life, I’ve had a problem with dry skin. I get it on my face, especially in my beard, on my arms, my hands, my chest. It’s an actual problem. So I started switching up my routine and learning about the different ingredients in various products. That inevitably led to a realization of how harsh mainstream grooming products can be on your skin and hair, and a mission to find better choices.

The problem was, in the city where I live, there were no better choices. So, I turned to the internet. While I definitely did find some great options there, it was always frustrating to not be able to at least smell the products before buying. It was a total crapshoot as to whether I’d like any given product I was considering. And, of course, returns are always a hassle and half the time they want you to pay for return shipping. That frustration is what eventually led me to open The Nines.

I wanted a place where guys could get skin care, soap, shampoo and other products that were designed specifically for them and would help them to look, smell and feel like their best selves. When people buy from my website, I wanted to at least give them an idea of my honest thoughts on the product, rather than a generic description that doesn’t really describe what they’re buying in any helpful sense.

They say to fix a problem of your own when you’re inventing something or starting a business. The Nines definitely fixes my problem of never being able to find high-quality, all-natural products for men. It’s my fervent hope that it does the same for you.

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