4 Step Facial Routine To Get Rid of Acne

One of the most common problems confronting men who come into The Nines Gentleman’s Shoppe is acne. They’ll come in asking how to get rid of pimples, often expressing frustration that they’re still getting breakouts so many years after puberty. They shouldn’t really be so hard on themselves, but it’s understandable; adult acne and pimples can be incredibly embarrassing and difficult to talk about.

This four-step process uses treatments from Brickell Men’s Products, which are available in our store, as well as our online shop. I will sprinkle links to those products throughout the article, but I will also leave them at the bottom of the page for easy access. I like Brickell because they use natural and organic ingredients, which tend to be gentler on your skin than other products.

So, without further adieu, for all you men out there who are struggling with blemishes, here is a quick and easy routine to reduce the frequency and severity of your breakouts without resorting to medications like tetracycline or retinol.

Wash your face in the morning and night

Washing your face everyday can help to reduce men's acne breakouts

For this, you will want to use a gentle cleanser that won’t dry out your skin but will still effectively remove dirt, excess oils, and residue. I recommend the Purifying Charcoal Face Wash. I use it on my face, personally, as I have an issue with dry skin on my forehead and on the sides of my nose. This face wash leaves me feeling hydrated, which is what you want. Otherwise, your body can end up pumping out more of its own natural oils than it needs to.

That’s one of the things that can lead to breakouts – you wash your face with harsh cleansers to get rid of the oil that’s causing your acne, not realizing that the more you dry your face out the more your body will attempt to counteract that by producing even more oil.


A couple of times a week, you should exfoliate your face with a gentle facial scrub. My favorite is, again, a Brickell Men’s Product: Renewing Face Scrub. It uses pumice and jojoba beads to scrub away dead skin cells and other facial impurities while unclogging your pores. Men with acne will appreciate the importance of that straight away.

You’ll want to apply this somewhat gingerly to your face. Don’t rub it in aggressively or you could cause micro-damage to your skin, which could cause further breakouts. Just gently massage the scrub around your face for a minute or two and then rinse. Simple.

Use a toner

A lot of guys may have never even heard of a facial toner. Women have been using them forever, but it’s only been a recent development that men have had a toner made specifically for our skin. But before I dive into why you should use this product, let me tell you a little about what it actually is.

A skin toner, according to this lovely article, is a product that’s meant “to complete the cleansing of your skin—removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser, as cleansers usually contain ingredients such as oil, which can leave a film on your face.”

What we’re going to be using for the sake of this four-step routine is Brickell’s Balancing Toner. This particular toner uses witch hazel as an astringent and several other natural and organic ingredients to remove excess oil as well as shrink and unclog your pores.

You’ll want to use this after washing and drying your face in the morning just before the final step, which is…


This one catches people off guard. They’re so used to trying to reduce the amount of oil on their face that any suggestion to actually add some back is met with some resistance. But, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, this can actually reduce your outbreaks.

The more in-balance you keep your skin, the less prone to a breakout you will be. Apply a thin layer of facial moisturizer in the morning to achieve this and to limit any sun damage. For even more protection, choose a moisturizer with SPF such a this one or this one.

Final thoughts

A lot of things can cause acne. Stress, bad diet, exposure to toxins and chemicals, as well as excessively drying your skin are just a few examples. In some severe cases, you may actually need to resort to medication such as those listed at the beginning of this article. However, for many men, the routine I just laid out should be sufficient to alleviate the majority of your acne breakouts.

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